Add a LOW BATTERIES DEVICES LIST with a (too low battries Threshold sensor) with dayly/weekly pushmessage/alert about their battery state

Can you please add an (too) Low Batteries list and a sensor with own set % value of the batteries an thsi list would be send to you by e-mail and /or push message daily or weekly (at a certain time or at noon).

Just like this :

It shouldn’t be that complicated because You already have the list of all battery devices. At least a applying a filter (a a certain battery % left) to this list should be quick. (I use always 21% of battery to have still some time until I have to run to the shop for new batteries).

Thank YOU.

Create that with a Flow or a Homey Script

let batteryThreshold = 100;
let lowBattery = [];
await Homey.devices.getDevices()
  .then(result => {
    Object.keys(result).forEach(function(key) {
      let d = result[key];
      if(d.capabilities.includes("measure_battery") && d.capabilitiesObj["measure_battery"].value <= batteryThreshold){
        lowBattery.push( + "has " + d.capabilitiesObj["measure_battery"].value + "% Battery left");
  return lowBattery.join(", ");

Or you can use the “any device’s battery value has changed” “when” card and do with it as you wish?

And otherwise:
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As far as I know Homey sends alerts automatically, when a battery reports a level below 20%. It includes battery, zone name and the level.

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Yeah, just got this in the timeline (automatic).
You only need to set this in timeline settings for category “energy” to get pushmessages in addition.


In the new (beta)app there is a separate page with all batteries and their statuses. A little bit patience, I think.

The battery page is also in the old app.
Energy page, tven battery icon in right upper corner.

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I know.
But this is a SMART home and so it shouldn’t be necessary to take a look yourself every now and then if still all batteries are fine/enough.
Yoy should get a warning at/beneath a certain Battery % level So you cann act/replace the battery in time.
I use a percentage level of 21% so I mostly I would have still several days to get/purchase a new battery and replace is on my sensor/device.
A Nice time of such a warning is when I wake up or at noon (12PM) daily with the list on near future to be replaced batteries on devices.

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Everyone will have it’s own opinion on how they want this presented, so Athom did the SMART thing, they provided Homeyscript and flows so anyone can build it to their own needs.


I agree that this is not what is required, and that querying for low battery status is easy. What is hard is when devices quietly stops reporting. Is there a way to list devices by how long time since they reported any activity at all?

You can import this flow for that

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Create a group and add all battery devices - then you can do what ever you want with it.

you can alarm when any of the batteries are low, show the average, highest, low Estes, mode etc.

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just make a flow:

when: A sensors value has changed (its directly under Thuis/Home). (select sensor type: battery level)
And: value is below 21
Then: do what ever you want, just use the tags to determine the sensor name and its battery value.

ps. for neo coolcam sensors youre pretty late with 21%, their already dead at that level but oh wait youll never notice that either if you dont run Peters script haha :wink:

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Thanks a lot this is very helpful. I have an extra question though. When I run this script I miss the battery values of my alarms. My alarm system is SmartAlarm and I use also the app.

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It seems the developer has no battery capability added to the base station looking at the default flowcards:

When it is supported by the Homey system, b/c it is mains powered and not battery powered only,
you can request the battery capability to be added to the base station device @ the app developer (look for the support part @ app store app page)