Device Logs

I used to use the device logs within each device to see when my flows switched a device on or off, sometimes more than one flow controls a device like a light so it’s handy to see what flow was switching it on or off.

These were time stamped within each device but now when I look at each device I get lots of time stamps for power usage, power etc, polling every 5 mins or so.

How can I just see when the devices switched on or off and what flow did this.

It really helps when you share some relevant info also

Hi Peter sure

I’m using a Homey Pro 2016-2019 and the firmware version 10.0.0.

I’m also using the beta version of the app which is 7.4.0

The logs previously showed when a flow switched a device. Now it shows all activity related to the device itself, a way of filtering this would be handy.

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I now see the same energy lines for e.g. my Heimdall devices. It is indeed cluttering that view. You could send feedback to Athom about this.

Hi I did that already as I thought it might help, maybe if all concerned did the same it can be addressed.


It is a bug in the last update so hopefully it will be fixed.


It looks independent from the Homey model / version, from Mobile App 7.3.1.xxxx and later (7.4.0.x)
We have had contact last hours with Athom Developers about it to isolate the issue.


Ah yes. I just updated to v7.4.0 and now I’ve a similar log screen like your screenshot.
I’m sure Athom gets it fixed.

Seems Athom have fixed :grinning: