How to see what happened last in homey? What triggered which device


I struggle with some fibaro devices that they suddenly turn off, I don’t know how to find out what or which device is sending the off command? I tried the log function on z wave network but I can not see anything because there are a hell a lot of codes.
Any suggestions?
Can homey provide a information what happened? Which flow triggered which device?


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Cheers mate thanks for replying me I will try this app.

you are aware that you can concentrate on one device by the filter function at the bottom:

I have a Homey Bridge so I can’t install this app. All I see in the divice time-line is the app that triggered it, for example “Ikea Tradfri”, of “KlikaanKlikuit”, not the flow.
Is there some way to figure out which flow triggered the device?

If Homey Bridge is like the pro in this respect it should show you if a flow was responsible. For me it only shows the app if it was triggered from outsize (hardware, associations or directly linked remotes). So this would suggest it wasn’t a flow, unless Homey. ridge does this different.

As far as I have seen Same on Homey & Homey Bridge as on Homey Pro!

Dim to fe 10% from a Flow this is not recorded (only on-off is recorded there.)
If a Light is OFF, and you set Dim to fe 10% from a Flow this is not recorded, but the driver tells also it should turn ON the light. (Default behaviour for most drivers)

So for almost ALL standard Apps using ON /OFF and Dim capabilities:

  • you see ON/OFF only with the name of the Flow if the ON/OFF card is used in the Flow.
  • you see ON/OFF only with the name of USER if the ON/OFF BUTTON or QuickAction is used.
  • Whenever you you set a Dim level from a Flow or as user from the GUI / mobile App and the Light was OFF you see the Driver name as the one turning the Device ON.

Let’s say A known feature as designed.

I tried some test flows and I see the behaviour that @Dijker described.
When I use On/off action then it shows the name of the flow as trigger.
And that explains why I only saw “Ikea Tradfri”, because I set dim levels instead of on/off.

One question:
What is "ON/OFF BUTTON or QuickAction is used?

If I am correct the Green are the most usual ON/OFF buttons, also in the Mobile
The Blue is the QuickAction, als a short Tick in the Mobile to switch.

Green shows “Albert van de Riet via Web”
Blue shows “Albert van de Riet via Web”
Mobile shows Albert van de Riet via Mobile.
All clear!

Still strange that changing dim level or color temperature with a Flow does not show the name of the flow…

Where can we send feature requests?

or just to Support

But pretty sure if it was easy they would have done, but only on/off is logged. that made it complexer for the Dim that enlightens a switched off device.