Logging: Device turned on by flow/app - not correct

I have a question.

I have a light in my kitchen which is only turned on and off through flows.

In the history the OFF is done by flow.
But the ON is done by Fibaro app, while it’s also started with a flow.
Screenshot 2021-11-12 100044

The difference is: the OFF is Turn Light Off signal and the ON is DIM to 80% signal.
If I change the ON to Turn Light On then logging shows that ON is done by flow.

Is this something I can change or should I raise a ticket with Athom?
I want to know, not only for this device, exactly how things are triggered.

This is not something you can change, unless you’re willing to turn the light on in the flow (possibly at the wrong dim level) before you set the right dim level.

Setting the dim level is not shown in the time-line per se. But when the light is off, it does indirectly trigger the change to ‘on’ by the app, which is what you see. I agree I’d rather see the flow as the trigger, but I doubt Athom will change this.