Aeotec door/window sensor 6

Just wondering if anyone has this sensor up and running and is able to receive battery level status? I have this on all my sensors. Thanks

Hi Colin,

I have the same issue on all 4 of my Aeotec door/window sensor 6 (ZW112) sensors since I upgraded from Homey version 1.5.13 to version 2.5.2. I re-paired one sensor and I never received any battery status info. The others still show the battery status level as at was the last day when I was on Homey version 1.5.13.

I already reported this to Athom some time ago. We had quite some communication about this. Last communication regarding this issue was begin of March. Boaz told me it would take some time to figure out what the problem is.
I haven’t checked with them anymore since then. I will ask for an update.

Maybe good if you also send them a support request and mention it is related to my request: (19472 and 20796)

The same issue with Door/Window Sensor 7 and WallMote Quad.
I sent an e-mail to Athom.

Thanks for the reply I will open a case to athom aswell. Hopfully this can be sorted. Really frustrating not knowing when the battery is flat.
Thanks again

This morning I got as reply from Boaz (Athom).
Some time ago he placed a sensor in the office, so he could check when the battery got beneath the threshold. But since the corona crisis, they are working from home and he is not able to check the sensor.
I guess we will have to wait for an update until they can return to the office.

Boaz proposed to make a flow to check if a specific device did not report a status for a day. But this is not applicable because if a door remains closed, no updates will be send at all, so the notification that no information was send for a day is misleading and is not an indication that the battery has depleted.

I also got a reply from Erick to push the button on the device and see if it updated but still does not work.
I was in my Heimdell app settings and noticed that the battery life was showing on all all sensors. I did just charge them all to 100% which was showing. I could possibly monitor that see of it changes.

I have the problem that my door/window sensor 7 and my WallMote Quad have been displaying 100% for months. Maybe it is not comparable with your problems.
I have received a reply from Boaz and from Aeotec:

Maybe it helps…

Not very helpful, but my door sensor 6 seems to fail both to report the battery level and opening of the door. Anyone experiencing this?