Battery level on Aeotec door sensors

I don’t seem to get any indication that my battery levels are going down. First thing I know is that they stop working even though the sensor still shows 100% battery. So far this has happened with both of my recessed door sensors.

Any ideas?

I get the same thing. I presume it’s a problem with the sensors.

I would contact Aeotec. In one of the last app updates they fixed an battery issue at the door/window sensor 6. So maybe it’s also an issue snd can be fixed with an app update too.

Just for information:

Edit: It could be that the door sensor has to be reincluded after an app update.

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Thanks, I have sent off a request to Aeotec, will post their response.

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Here is the response from Aeotec
"I checked the code, there might be a problem with the app. I will make some adjustments and make them available with the next update.
The next update will come with the release of version 7 as a finished version of Homey. "
“To solve the problem before, please set the controller (1) in the association group 2. Then the battery report should arrive at the controller.”

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