Aeotec recessed door sensors drain batteries in 4 days

Anybody successfully got Aeotec recessed door sensors working in their setup?

I had 15 of these installed and 11 seemed to chew through batteries very fast. Aeotec support suggested setting the wakeup interval to 4000 seconds or more.

It didn’t seem to make any difference so eventually I replaced them with Senasative Strips, and never though about it again for 2 years.

I’ve got 3 Aeotec recessed door sensors left and decided to ret them with Homey v5.0 and got the same result: All 3 brand new CR2 batteries dead within 4 days.

They’re installed in wooden patio doors respectively 2 & 3 metres from the Homey. Wakeup Interval is 6000 seconds. I can only assume there is some continual communications traffic between them and the Homey that is causing them to drain, but I’m not technical enough to know how to trace it

Can anybody suggest how to diagnose the problem?

Technical specifications are shown here, in case anybody technical knows what the “Node Information Frame” means or if it’s relevant:

Any help / tips appreciated

The APP was updatet to 3.0.8 maybe this solves your problem?

Thanks I saw only that the update says “Fix problems with ZWA003 and ZWA021, text corrections”, but not what those problems were. (and it’s not obvious to me from the github project if there is a list of specific fixes)