LG WebOS app for Homey Pro 2023

It seems the LG WebOS plus app is broken, at least for the new Homey. Anyone here know of a good replacement?

Either there’s a secret app that nobody is telling you about, or there just isn’t. What do you think?

Did you report your issues with the existing app?

That was kind of harsh…

And yeah, I’ve reported it to the developer (posted it as a bug on github and sent him a pm just to make sure). And it has happened that a better version has popped up, and there’s even hope that Homey’s official app got its act together since the last time I tried it :wink:

Which one ?


At least the LG WebOS (non-plus) is working for me fine, maybe it could for you as well.

I couldn’t get the community store to install. It stopped when authorizing it and asked me to input a key in the console (or something like that). I didn’t know which console that would be, but figured I’d try again tomorrow.

Are you happy with the official app? There used to be a lot of issues with it.

This is the message I get

Yes, it’s known issue, might take longer to get it fixed. More on this - Homey Community App Store - #292 by MaxvandeLaar

For specific purposes I’m using it, it’s kind of OKay, but LG Web plus was better (eg. official app is missing some conditions etc.)

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Thanks! Hadn’t gotten that far in the post yet. Hopefully, it will be fixed soon. Too bad the owner of HCS is also the owner of the best (as far as I know) LG app too…

Hi Lars,

Not meant to be harsh, I’m just wondering about the information you share:
What stops you from installing the Athom LG WebOS app and see for yourself? It doesn’t take hours…

And maybe those ‘there used to be a lot of issues’ have been solved in the meantime? Did you report all of them to Athom support back then? Were they going to fix all the issues?

Also, when was ‘used to be’? Yesterday, or last February, or somewhere in 2017?
There is a nice thing called Changelog:

(That can be understood as a bit harsh as well :wink: )
Can you please be a bit more specific? When was the last time you tried it, 3 years ago, or last Friday? That can make a huge difference.

I use the community WebOS plus app (by Max) by the way, because it suited me better and I’m happy with it. I tried both apps back in 2021.
It’s a pity the community store and the CLI install option are unavailable atm

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I tried the official app a couple of years ago before I went with the unofficial webos plus. I did try to report some of the problems I had with the official one, but never got a reply from them. I guess I can try it again, but the reason I asked was that there could be some unofficial app that needed to be installed using npm or something.

The last compiled version of webos plus is really old and too old to have support for the new SDK. The newer ones are source only and don’t compile on my homey.

But, yeah - if noone knows about any other apps that could be worth trying, I guess I’ll check out the official again. Too bad Max seems to be fed up…

Yes, LG WebApp Plus can be naturally installed via CLI.

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Got help from the author in another thread. I did try to install it (it’s reported as a bug on github - though it might be a user error). He asked me to repeat one of the commands I used last time, and now it worked :slight_smile: