Alternative apps (store) [Not in app store]

Alternative apps (store)

**Update 15-05-20: @Rocodamelshekima, @MaxvandeLaar, @MarcoRuiter and @HarriedeGroot made a community app store were all of the apps below can be found and installed (easy, so without the CLI method).**

There are a lot of homey apps out there that are not in the official app store for all kinds of reasons, this is an thread to consolidate them in one place.

*if you dont know how to install such apps, please follow this guide: [HOW TO] CLI install method *

Apps (alphabetically):



D&M Heos app

Home-Assistant integation for Homey by Athom


Nuki Bridge Api (local) App

if you know more of such apps please leave them in the comments in this format and i will include them


  • Description:
  • Community thread: LINK
  • Github URL: LINK

As much as I would like to use the official Homey app store, I think this is a great addition. Thx!



Nice initiative, thank you.

For those with a Nuki lock, my feedback is that this particular app works much better than the one on the App Store and as the name says (local) even if your internet drops, Homey can still communicate with Nuki. You need a Nuki bridge, thought.

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My Renault app (EasyLink) for locating my car (geofencing), evt sending destinations to my car. In the future evt preheating the car, shutting doors and windows, functions for electric vehicles, etc…

Renault EasyLink like in the My Renault app:

Hi Henk,

This doesnt seems like an homey app.
If you would like to request the community to build such an app, there’s an different thread for that: Homey Community App Requests

Not my app but:

Hi @Martijn_Hoogenbosch this isnt an Homey app, but an webserver app that can communicatie with homey via webhooks by the looks of it?

This is another category of “apps”, we could maybe include that as an seperate category?

And it is live!


And also 5.0 proof now!


It tells me I can’t install because the app isn’t installed. But it is… have installed apps from that store earlier

@Martijn_Hoogenbosch if you are running firmware 5 you must install the Homey Community Store Homey app. You can download the installer from the navigation bar at the top for your OS.

After the Homey Community Store app is installed your should be able to install apps again. Send me a personal message if this above is not the case :wink:

Right, so no iOS only method? To bad, I’ll spin up my system then.

You have to run the installer just once for each Homey. After that you can go back to use the store’s website

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That did the trick, tnx!

I think think this thread is a duplicate of

Please feel free to contact me if you disagree.