Homey Community App Store

To get an idea how it looks (which is described as great btw!)

And special attention for the footnote

Max does this in his spare time, so please support him


Great work!
Have a beer on me @MaxvandeLaar!

Very nice!

How do you have dark mode an I only light mode?

Thanks @Henk_Renting very much appreciated

@M_a_r_c_o, Dark mode is activated by the OS. If the OS supports it, the website supports it. I can change my OS to ‘light’ ‘dark’ and ‘auto’ (MacOS) no clue for Windows to be honest but it’s a CSS media query

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Its great work, thanks @MaxvandeLaar

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And the Community AppStore now also 5.0 proof!


Great initiative!

When my ‘personal apps’ are better tested, I will upload a few.

Meanwhile, if somebody would make a reliable app for Google Chromecast, instead of the always crashing Athom app, would be much appreciated


The chromecast app works fine for me. But I’m curious. What are you using it for to make the app crash?

Very OT !

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It doesn’t really crash, but the devices ‘are not available’ from time to time.

I use the chromecast/ nest hub to play notifications (doorbell, countdown for alarmsystem, text to speech for pronouncing status of alarm system,…)

And @MaxvandeLaar updated the Homey Community App-Store. Go check it out!



I have trouble getting the slack-invite-page https://homey.community/contact/ to work. My devtools show a 404 when it tries to do a GET to https://slack.schotanus.net/socket.io/? Is it just me…?

@Rocodamelshekima Can you take a look at this?


I’ve start using the community app store.
I don’t have much experience with Homey, soo I’m sorry for my lack of knowledge.

I have few questions.

When a update is available, I have to manually update the app?

And by doing this all my devices and flows will remain untouched?

Or does it need new configuration?

Also if i need to restore a backup will the devices and flows be backed up from this apps that where download from the community store?

Thank you.

Hi @Ricardo_Nunes,

Thanks for trying out my store. Let me try to answer your questions :slight_smile:

  1. When an update is available, I have to manually update the app?

Apps installed by the Homey Community Store don’t yet(!) auto update. This means for the time being, you will need to manually check for updates. However, I hope to release a new update for the Store that will add the auto-update feature :wink:

  1. Do my devices and flows remain untouched?

Short answer, yes. However, it is a bit more complex that that, if an app changed the way their flows and devices work, it might break your flows. This is, however, completely unrelated to the Homey Community Store and can happen to apps in the official store as well. Most app developers keep this in mind and won’t try to actively break your devices and flows.

  1. If I need to restore a backup will the devices and flows be backed up from this apps that where downloaded from the community store?

To be completely honest, I have no clue. I have not yet tried to restore a backup as I just don’t trust the entire backup system (it isn’t backing things up as I would have liked). The backup does not restore apps that are installed via the Homey Communtiy Store and I just don’t know what will happen with devices/flows connected to these apps. I am not willing to test this as I only have one Homey and that is my production Homey. I don’t want my partner to complain stuff isn’t working again… She isn’t a fan of automation already haha. Maybe other members can answer this question for you? @Rocodamelshekima perhaps?

If you have any other questions or need help, just let me know :slight_smile:

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Sorry m8, not using the backup myself.
And the backup does not restore apps btw. It just downloads newest version from the Athom Appstore. And that is the main reason am not using the backup. It’s not about the 10 euro’s per year, it’s about i want my apps/flows/devices backed up as they were.

Flows and devices are backupped, and if you restore, all flows and devices are restored. But they only start working again after you install the community app again.
Official store apps are auto reinstalled after restore.

Had to do this procedures now a few times, and did not found large problems.

The trick to know if a community app is updated is to run the community update check app, and the install manually


Good to know devices and flows are restored even when the app isn’t. Since HCS homey app v2.0.0 I now know what apps you have installed, so it is actually possible to restore those apps as well. This does require me to implement some stuff but V2.0.0 was the start for adding much more complex functionality including backups :wink: This of course does mean that it is a separate backup feature instead of using Athom’s backup. The good news is, I can restore the exact same app version unlike Athom.

However, let me first finish auto-update :wink:


Thank you for your answer, you did clearify my doubts!

Reading your comments and @Rocodamelshekima and @M_a_r_c_o makes me believe this is pretty much as reliable as Athom own apps/appstore.

This is much faster/simpler then do a cli install soo it is a excelent work you’ve done.

Congrats to you and all involved on this!
Being that, website/appstore and app developers.
Really appreciated!

This are great news!

Just as this is also! :blush:

2 Great new features!

Thank you once again for your explanation, and great work you’ve been doing! :ok_hand:


:arrow_up: I definitely understand you :sweat_smile:

(I gave a small donation to help with this project.
It isn’t much, I’ll contribute more once i can)