Let homey check IP-addresses and take notes

Tried to see if there’s already an app for my needs, but except for “netscan” and a topic “Smart device local IP-address” from Marwan_Magdy which relies on arpping and the fing-app, with a reply from @robertklep ( this one ) , I can’t find anything.
So I thought, let’s post it here, it’s almost a year later, hoping maybe I did oversee something, or someone has developped a solution in the meantime.

I’m looking for a way to get Homey more interactive and smart. Two usecases:

Since I can “talk” with Homey through my speakers, I was trying to give it a sort of secretary function. For example when I’m sitting in the livingroom, of course to lazy to write something down or get my finger to get in typemodus on my phone, I’d like to say; Hey Google, make a note. Then it asks me "What should be in it? " . When finished talking, it alerts me that my message will be noted. This can already been done and you can find that note in https://assistant.google.com/lists/etc. But I want that message also be automatically mailed to me, so I find it in my mailbox for further processing. That’s complicated, even because the link for google assistant provides you with list AND notes, so after visiting that page, you first have to click on the “notes”-tab, to see what I dictated to Homey. As you can imagine, that’s one step too much activity, exhausting for a lazy person that’s looking for full automation… :sweat_smile:

Other usecase. I installed the “netscan”-app form @Adrian_Rockall. This can alert me for some activity on my network, as you probably know. But I’d like to take this any further, again to make Homey more interactive and “smarter”. For example, when I’m tweaking my network, sometimes it’s handy to get some network-info, which you can also find by using the command-function on a pc. But again, I want Homey to be my all-knowing assistant in the house, so I’m looking for a way to get an Ip-address from the little white fellow, when I ask “Hey Google, what’s your IP-adress?” of “Hey Google, what’s the IP-address of server X”, “What’s your gateway IP-adress?” etc.

In the early days, Homey could tell you what it’s own IP-address was, by asking the first question, but since it’s vocal cords are stripped by Athom, this feature has also been thrown away it seems. Now it only tries to be the funniest one in the room when I ask that information.

Hopefully there’s someone who has figured this out already, or maybe it’s an incentive for some of you to get next-level with our little friend.

1st usecase: It’s called Secretary? :wink:

Exactly. But not the human version.

First use case:
You should look into the Android app Tasker and the plugin AutoVoice. You don’t even need Homey.

But if you want Homey to know about your notes then look here:

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