Smart device local ip adress

Hello everybody,

I am trying to get a device local ip to control it locally. I got the ip of course using Fing app. However I’d like that Homey app could do this on its own. i tried implementing “Arpping” package but it doesn’t seems to work it returns empty list.

const Homey = require(‘homey’);
const { ManagerCloud } = require(‘homey’);
const Arpping = require(‘arpping’);
var arpping = new Arpping({});
async onInit() {
this.log(‘MyDriver has been inited’);
// const ip = await ManagerCloud.getLocalAddress();
// this.log("ip: ", ip);
const ip = ‘’;
.then(hosts => this.log(hosts))
.catch(err => this.log(err));


I already answered you in this thread why arpping doesn’t work on Homey.

simply I am asking if someone had faced such problem and figured out a way through

  • Compile a version of ping as a static binary and upload it as part of your application (may not work either because you may require root privileges for ping)
  • Scan each address in the local subnet to see if one is your device.
  • Find another way to discover your device.

You’re not explaining what type of device it is, and how you think you are able to discover it through arpping.