Device local IP

Hello everybody,
Will work on an app regarding Sonoff integration with Homey, I needed to get the device local IP address to communicate with it locally without internet connection. I faced a problem while obtaining an arp table.
I have the device mac address obtained from its data

const Zeroconf = require(‘ewelink-api/src/classes/Zeroconf’);

async onInit() {
	this.log('MyDriver has been inited');
	const ip = await ManagerCloud.getLocalAddress();
	const table = await Zeroconf.getArpTable( ip );

this is the part related to getting the arptable.
(node:8058) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Error: range must not be empty
at arpDevices (/node_modules/ewelink-api/node_modules/arpping/index.js:62:40)
at /node_modules/ewelink-api/node_modules/arpping/index.js:142:13
at /node_modules/ewelink-api/node_modules/arpping/index.js:50:42
at exithandler (child_process.js:310:5)

Zeroconf.getArpTable() depends on the arpping package, which uses the command line ping utility under the hood.

The error you get is caused by ping not being available (or it couldn’t be executed for some reason).