How to fill MySignal.js/commandToDeviceData?

In homey-rfdriver/RFDevice.js, onCommandMatch compares currentDeviceData with commandDeviceData.

async onCommandMatch(command) {
const signal = await this.driver.getRFSignal();
const currentDeviceData = await this.getData();
const commandDeviceData = signal.constructor.commandToDeviceData(command);
return RFUtil.deepEqual(currentDeviceData, commandDeviceData);


commandDeviceData contains:
2023-11-27T15:56:12.216Z [log] [ManagerDrivers] [Driver:temphum] [Device:533e1d76-2662-4df2-beda-db93baec23b3] { address: 209 }

currentDeviceData contains:
2023-11-27T15:56:12.218Z [log] [ManagerDrivers] [Driver:temphum] [Device:533e1d76-2662-4df2-beda-db93baec23b3] {
uuid: ‘6cc3317a-39d9-4db9-b076-5af17952f0b2’,
address: 209,
copiedFromRemote: true

From this link (Home - Homey RFDriver) the suggestion is the following for commandToDeviceData:

static commandToDeviceData(command) {
return {
address: command.address,


The result of onCommandMatch will never be True. Should I add somehow uuid and copiedFromRemote values? If yes, how?

Please help me someone. I am a beginner for homey and do not have huge programming skills, but working on a 433mhz automation for munths and suffering a lot

Thank you in advance, if you take a few minutes on this.

Have you tried a simple comparison of addresses (instead of RFUtil.deepEqual())?

return currentDeviceData.address === commandDeviceData.address;

My intention was not to modify the homey rf driver and find the way how to use, but i give up.
Thanks Robert, I am going to modify it :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh apologies, I thought it was your own code. In that case, I wouldn’t change it and somehow get retrieve the missing values. It looks like device data (retrievable using this.getData() from device instances).

Thanks a lot Robert, but based on Home - Homey RFDriver Mysignal.js is included in driver.js so If I am right, I can not get data of device instance. Or am I wrong?
On the other hand I do not think it makes sense to compare the device uuid with the recived payload->command content it does not contains it. Tt is very difficult for me to proceed due to insufficient documentation. But a big thank for your support and time!