Can homey be used to monitor LAN devices (computer, printer)

Hello, as a new user i probably use the wrong search options.
Tried: node, host, ip node, network node

Is there a device that enables me to monitor LAN devices based on network name or ip address. I want to see if it is online/offline. Examples are: (old) printer, telephone, computer
Couldn’t find a SNMP option either. Read SNMP data from a node.

A pointer to documentation will be ok too.

If you happen to have a Netgear router, that app would do it. Netgear Router App for Homey | Homey

Have you tried Net Scan App for Homey | Homey


Thanks @Adrian_Rockall
That seems to do what i requested. Have to spent some time looking into all the homey apps.
Will have to wait for Homey controller device to test it.

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