Lamp from aliexpress

hi, i am buying led lamp, seller got options eith remote control via remote, zigbee built in with additional cost and without modules ( no colour changeable)

i am mostly setting up everything what i can with fibaro , i got " stair switch" controlled from two different points question is
will this work with zigbee provided by seller?
i know with fibaro dimmer connected propely will work with stair switch but zigbee? i dont know to order zigbee built in and have colour control etc or no controll and just add my fibaro dimmer under switch and have on/off any advise?

It will probably work as a generic Zigbee device, but generic Zigbee support for Homey is rather limited.

It may be that the device uses a TuYa Zigbee chip which may work with the TuYa Zigbee app for Homey, but nobody will be able to tell you if it’s fully supported.

so which is the safest option to make it fully work with homey and stair switch, buy without smart and add dimmer? seller send me.this

It looks like a fairly standard setup, so buying just the LED strip and a controller that is supported by Homey (don’t ask me which one :woozy_face:) seems like the best solution.

ok i know fibaro switch can be used to stair switch, same is with rgbw controller? can be connected?

I think so, but seems easy enough to find out the specs to see if they match your LED strip.