Osram Zigbee 3.0 DALI converters

Hi all,

I am considering getting myself a Homey Pro for Christmas and doing some investigation as to how I can best control my current LED lamps and switches.

Pretty much all of my LED lamps are Kreon spots controlled by Osram LED drivers and Gira touch/dimmer switches. These ones: https://www.girashop.nl/gira-540000-system-3000-universeel-leddimmer-basiselement-standaard

I’ve been told that I cannot use Fibaro dimmers (Fibaro Dimmer 2) in combination with my Gira touch dimmers as both the Fibaro Dimmer and the Gira touch dimmer will try to dim the lights. Hence, would adding these Osram LED converters, with Zigbee on-board, work with Homey?

Thanks for sharing your insights!

here you can see what Osram devices can be controlled through the Osram App (made by Athom)

You better search this forum for " Dali " to find solutions for that.


Yes I checked the Osram App before, the converter is not listed in it. Looking for Dali at the forum unfortunately doesn’t return much useful it seems.

Then you can ask Athom to add the device to the App.

DALI is not supported by homey and given its nature and target market, chances are you won’t find much about it. I know ROBB’s did provide a zigbee to DALI converter that they say is hue compatible, but they don’t seem to carry it anymore. Perhaps give’m a call anyway? I guess this would be your best bet!

Other than that, ATX LED Consultants did present a DALI controller with IFTTT support on CEDIA 2018. Don’t know if that ever hit the market though.

Last but not least, there’s Tridonic. They provide a TCP/IP to DALI gateway: connecDIM Gateway G1. Price might be a bit prohibiting :blush:

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The Zigbee to DALI converter from ROBBshop is supported by the ROBB smarrt app within Homey.

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Thanks both, I found the ROBB converter before and indeed its sold out but I’ll contact them to see if there is anything they can do.

The Tridonic decive also looks interesting Joost, only EUR 1500 :wink:

Cool! I checked the app in the store but could not find the gateway in the list of supported devices.

Yeah, that’s why I wrote the price may be a bit prohibitive :smiley:

It is a good indication of why you won’t find much in this area - DALI is meant for the professional market where Zigbee, Z-Wave and similar protocols aren’t big.

If Robb’s solution doesn’t work out you could check out AL-DALI-HAT DALI. That is a DALI interface for Raspberry Pi. ATX provides a python library for it. It should be fairly easy to do something using webhooks with it.

Another option: https://www.adfweb.com/Home/products/DALI_EtherNetIP.asp?frompg=nav26_4 . Don’t know anything about prices or software support though.

The DALI converter used the same ID’s as a normal Zigbee dimmer, so therefore it is not visible in the app store list of drivers. But trust me, it is supported :wink:

Alright, decided to test out the Osram converters and see if my Philips Hue bridge will recognise them. Fairly cheap to test so let’s see.

You need to use the “ROBB smarrt app”.

Hi, I was wondering if you ever got around to testing the osram zigbee-dali converter with the Hue bridge? I’m currently looking for a solution to drive a DALI system using hue and came across the same converter, but I have not found much on getting it up and running with Hue. Thanks!