Homey Pro 2023 and KNX DALI

Has anyone tried experienced Homey Pro as a controller for KNX DALI, light control?

Does it working well and seemlessly smooth and quick?

Can it work with any make of KNX IP Interface or only with Weinzierl KNX-IP Gateway.

Is is possible to establish a linkage of zigbee button with KNX Dali light such that the button directly addresse to the light even when connection to Homey Pro fails?

Since there is device limitations in wireless, I am planning to put all lighting on KNX DALI Gateway, while the switches as zigbee wall switch, remote switch and zigbee sensors.
Will this combination perform good?

Can Homey Pro directly connect to a DALI2 controller like ZENCONTROL, or we need to add a KNX DALI Gateway and then above it a KNX IP Gateway.

There is no article or more details on KNX integration, hence I appreciate if anyone can guide me, thank you.

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I recently purchased a Homey Pro and the KNX Weinzierl 731 IP interface.

I installed it on the KNX bus and the LAN to my switich. Technically I can ping it but due to time constraints I need to plan next steps. I keep you posted.

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Excellent, I have also bought this knx/IP interface but my knx network will take few months to setup.
Hence I seriously look forward for your details.
Most importantly is communication from Homey Pro app to knx devices lights working smooth like dimming on off, etc

I have just purchased my Homey Pro. I have a Wienzierl Gateway and some DALI KNX. It’s just smooth as usual with my old box. Nothing to say. It’s working perfectly.

Hi that’s great thank you for sharing, are you using secured or unsecured wienzierl gateway, which model no?

Can it work with any other knx IP interface??

If this works perfectly alright then it will be best logic controller, Homey Pro has to develop more in this direction.

I do not use KNX specifically but I can’t see any way this could work.
If there was such a thing as a ZigBee/KNX bridge then maybe

Not really… Why would you want to do this and how could it work without an intermediary device (bridge) ? KNX local control is the most robust.

If you want to interconnect KNX and ZigBee then you need a bridge device in between that can facilitate this, and likely an IP interface on KNX. Homey can do this but your subsequent question is what happens if Homey fails…

And then your remote control will fail….

I have Schneider space logic ip-KNX interface.
Homey receive telegrams from KNX and updates status on knx devices in homey.
Bad thing is that it’s just one way direction.
When I activate a knx device in homey, nothing happens. The strange part is that I can see the triggered groupaddress show in KNX bus through ETS diagnostics. But it’s ignored by the physical KNX units.

Is this a Schneider issue? I have read many posts where users are successful with weinzierl up-knx interface.

Am I alone?

If you are able to see the triggered group address in KNX bus via Diagnostics, then it will work.
Check the value that it is sending in the group address, is it same data type “on/off”, the group address is of the switching actuator and not the knx switch, etc
You need to troubleshoot it and i think it will work out, do update what had gone wrong.

There are very few, infact hardly anyone using HomeyPro for KNX, hence yes we are alone.
I wish HomeyPro soon develops it’s focus to be a strong KNX controller / bridge between Zigbee-Zwave and KNX devices.