Homey Pro 2023 and KNX DALI

Has anyone tried experienced Homey Pro as a controller for KNX DALI, light control?

Does it working well and seemlessly smooth and quick?

Can it work with any make of KNX IP Interface or only with Weinzierl KNX-IP Gateway.

Is is possible to establish a linkage of zigbee button with KNX Dali light such that the button directly addresse to the light even when connection to Homey Pro fails?

Since there is device limitations in wireless, I am planning to put all lighting on KNX DALI Gateway, while the switches as zigbee wall switch, remote switch and zigbee sensors.
Will this combination perform good?

Can Homey Pro directly connect to a DALI2 controller like ZENCONTROL, or we need to add a KNX DALI Gateway and then above it a KNX IP Gateway.

There is no article or more details on KNX integration, hence I appreciate if anyone can guide me, thank you.

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