Control lights remote and via lights witch


I’m looking for a solution to control my lights remote but also via the light switch.

I now have IKEA tradfri lights which I can control remote but of course this doesn’t work when I turn off the light switch since the lamp doesn’t have any power anymore.

I want to use the existing light switches. Can anyone help me with possible solutions?

Add qubino units behind the light switches or in the ceiling wires. Or fibaro if there is no 0 (blue in NL) wire available.

Or replace the light switches with zigbee/z-wave units. I have one of these from neo coolcam with 2 buttons. But in this case you must have the 0 (blue in NL) also available.
There are also available from busch-jaeger, jung, and others.

Hi Marco,

Thanks for your reply. This seems like a solution that could work. Only I did not expect it to be so expensive. Do you know of any cheaper alternatives?


I just found the Sonoff mini. Would that work?

Yes the sonoff mini will do fine, you just need to flash them. And that’s the easy part :wink:

I use my Hue Remote to control Fibaro switches