Konnected Matter support


My (novice) Question to Konnected:
Can I simply connect this to the switch my Homey Pro is connected to, and have access to all my sensors? Magnetic door and window, Motion, etc.
Im doing a bare stud remodel, and hard wiring everything.
I would like to use only Matter and Ethernet or Thread where needed - with all Matter native devices only.
No other ecosystem like Zigbee, ZWave, and no WiFi.
Ultimately controlling / monitoring the sensors with the Homey Pro dashboard, or a SharpTools dashboard.
I dont see a Konnected app for Homey Pro, and I dont know if a dashboard like SharpTools would give access and allow wigit creation for things connected to the Konnected device.

Konnected does not currently integrate with Homey. However, we are developing Matter firmware that we expect to be available in the next few months. When that happens, you should be able to integrate with Homey.

Hmmm… I get your excitement, but I don’t read

anywhere in their reply :wink:
I read: “we expect” and “a few months”.

To me that sounds like Q1 2025
(Not to be negative here, but often the people who are allowed to officially say how long something will take, have no clue of the actual work involved).

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