KNX feature check

I’m considering migrating from openHAB to Homey, but KNX support is crucial for me as I have over 60 KNX devices.

As a senior software developer, I plan to invest in creating missing plugins for devices like my Sonance amplifier, Syr water softener, and Resol VBUS once I make the switch.

In openHAB, the KNX binding offers these features. Which ones are also supported in the Homey KNX plugin?

  • Splitting the write group address from the read group address
  • Ability to listen on multiple group addresses
  • Control of RGBW lights (KNX to DMX)
  • Support for different addresses for relative and absolute dimming within one device
  • Polling of KNX sensors that don’t support periodic announcements, such as temperature and light sensors

I just did that migration, and I am not happy. (I actually worked on the KNX Binding for openHAB, but got frustrated with the complexity of the setup in general)

Unlike ZWave, Zigbee or Bluetooth, it is not possible to create custom KNX applications for Homey. Which means you have to make due with what is already there. i.e. I have a thermostat that accepts only a difference between a basevalue and the actual setpoint - which means I have multiple KNX devices that I am putting in a hidden zone, and then using flows to make it all work. Not ideal.

Additionally the KNX connection seems to be very unstable. It is based on KNX/IP and not like my KNX on openHAB which was wired directly to the bus (very stable and quick)

All in all I would not recommend Homey for KNX installations as it stands right now.

Perhaps we could develop our own community version of the plugin using this library as a foundation? This way, we can incorporate additional device types.
The library also emphasizes its focus on robust, self-correcting connections:

I get the impression that Homey’s KNX app is more meant as window dressing to be able to say “Homey supports KNX” :frowning:

I wish they open sourced that addin. KNX is so specific and they people who use it usually use extensively and in a complex manner. And are usually people who can do a lot.

I have tried to reach the KNX dev on slack and through support, so far no luck.

I am against doing a community replacement, simply due to the double work and compatibility issues that would arise. Also I think the official app actually uses that npm package.

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