KNX multi-touch switch problems

Hi all,
I have all through my house Basalte KNX swiches (, but Homey somehow refuses to let me add them .

Lights… check
Dimmers… check
Hue… check
Switches… pending… :frowning:

How can I get this module in my homey? I am not incapable of programming, but I wouldn’t know where to begin. Can somebody help me get started or is somebody familiar enough with how to do this that he or she can do it quickly?
Honestly, if I can’t add my switches, I think I will return my Homey…

Emile Knottnerus

How do you try to add them?

Did you contact athom Support? The KNX App for Homey is from them and that is the shortest way of getting information. When you add them via that app

Hi Emile,

I am having the same question / problem.
Also I am not be able to use the dim option when placing a dim actor in a flow on homey.

Did you get an answer from Athom at your question?

Thanx in advance for your response!

It appears that switches are not seen as devices, so it when you want to do some action when the switch is pressed, you need to attach it to the action of the light (or whatever is attached to it).
I assume the multi-switches are attached to multiple switch-adresses within KNX. The only thing I don’t get is how if multiple buttons on the basalte switches are pressed at once, the entire room can be switches on or off even if the individual lights are not tied to the switch.
I hope it makes sense, if not, I will try to make it more clear.


Hi Emile,

First of all, thank you very much for your quick response! I have already done what you have done and that piece now works too. I can therefore control my knx actuators (dimmers and switches on / off) via the app. I had all group addresses for this through my installer.

What I can't do yet is to use my existing knx wall switches (including Jung 4-fold push-button sensors), which also have their own group addresses per push-button sensor. This group address is also recognized by the app (learn and then press the touch sensor repeatedly), but then it does not work. That is, if I link a flow to the knx device selected above in the app, it will only work via the app and not by pressing the relevant touch sensor.

Hopefully you can help me further.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Best regards,