KNX Dimmer

Hey guys!

I’m new to this. Just got hue working. Also got KNX switch and KNX relative dimmer working. So far so good.

I also need the one called KNX dimmer to work. Stepless dimming. With this I can start the lamp but no dimming. I read somewhere that it may be because of your KNX dimmer hardware and that it do not support stepless dimming. But I know for a fact that this one does because I used another app way back to sort this.

I have two types of actors for dimming. One Dali, with a Dali gateway and all of that and one “normal” dimmer actor. I cannot get any of them working with KNX dimmer. Only KNX relative dimmer and with this ont the flows will suck.

So please I really need your help to sort this out.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Biffen,

Do you have a solution for your question? I run into the same. My Homey dimmer switches on / off but does not dimmed.

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you better address directly to @Biffen so he gets a message.

Hi Richard,

The reason for this is that Athom only support a very limited number of KNX actors. I would actually go that far and say that Athoms implementation of KNX is quite poor.

There are also limitations in the heating support. It will not show you the status info even though there is an option to add it.

Now my strategy is to basically use the “turn off all the lights” scenario and also use KNX scenes. I think that will be good enough for the lights.

Good luck!


Thank you for your prompt reply.

I could not believe that it is not possible to dim with the Homey, so I started looking for a solution and I managed to
dim with Homey.

Great! How did you do it?


Sorry, the solution was not copy in my answer.

My installation has KNX dimmer, KNX / dali and various suppliers/vendors of dali drivers.
What I did is:
I created Group in ETS5.
Switching On / off,
Dimming, status switching,
status dimming and dim value.

Parametrering Homey
For switching I use the group address switch and for the status address the group address “status switch”.
Dim status address dim the group address “status”.
For dimming I use the dim address group address “dim value”.

This works for both KNX / Dali and a KNX dimmer.

For heating, I use floor heating, this I have set to a standard value and does not need to be controlled by KNX.

I hope to have helped you to switch your lights on and through Homey so that you can create flows with this.

With kind regards,


I’ve done about the same thing and when I read the telegram when I run a “read” on the group address I created for dim status, I get the result you see in the screenshot(DecodedDpValue). But Homey and the dimmer switch don’t move. Can you send me how you set up the group address in ETS for dim status? The switch status is working as it should