Keep getting error after reboot

Hi, Just got my Homey. I am very happy with it but i have a small problem.
After reboots i keep getting these errors. “Retreiving fenceArray failed: Fejl: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open '/userdata/owntracks_fences.json” and it seems that my locatation is not registred.

I cannot find any arthicles that have a solution.

The only one is this one without a solution " Foutmelding op de tijdlijn - :netherlands: Nederlands (Dutch) / Vragen & hulp - Homey Community Forum"

Do you have any solutions ?

Configure the Owntracks app: Location and Presence App for Homey | Homey


I think it can be ignored if you don’t have “Location & Presence” installed.
Question: why do you reboot Homey?

Hi, Thanks for the reply.

Is there a way to remove the messages, just for my OCD ;o)

The reason for the reboot is that i also have problems with my Philips HUE app. It shows all units as offline several times a day.

I cannot figure out if it is Homey or my Phillips Hue bridge. They are online in the native HUE app.

A reboot doesn’t help so i will stop the reboots.

Swipe the message to the left and hit the X
Or install < Timeline Manager² >
(Info: click )

Then this flow takes care of it:
Homey has started
TimelineManager - Remove messages containing “Owntracks” with a delay of 5m

I think it could be wifi related. Try some tips mentioned here:

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Hej Lars.
Fik du løst dit problem med HUE. Mine broer er gået offline på Homey, og jeg kan ikke få dem ind igen.

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