Issues with ledring

Hello and help…
The ledring of Homey has one sector (approx 6cm) at the front where the leds are bright white, always…
It does not matter what color the ring is or the dim level. Rest of the ring is responding properly.

I have tried Ptp for 15 mins, tried recovery, no improvement.
Homey early 2019, 7.1.3
2A adapter.

Any ideas?
Thnx in advance!

Sounds like a hardware issue to me, but perhaps ask Athom via

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I sent them an email with the issue.

And now wait…

Athom says it is most likely a hardware issue.
I had to send Homey to them for repair (still under warranty).
They are looking in to it now.

Athom says it is a hardware issue.
They will replace my homey under warranty.