Is there a way to re-establish the zigbee network?


I’ve been away for some weeks. before leaving I pulled the plug on some connected electronics taking some of my zigbee power sockets (which function as routers) off-line.

In the developer tools I see that the Routs are unknown. Hitting the refresh button gives a “Network request failed” message (in the bottom left corner of the page - see screenshot).


  • Is there a way to re-establish the zigbee network? (wasn’t this a Homey firmware v5 feature?)
  • Any ideas to what the “Network request failed” is hinting to?
  • Any chance of the nodes becoming active again over time?

Any help addressing the issues is much appreciated!

“Interview” the router devices might do the trick.
Zigbee ‘should’ rebuild itself.
If it doesn’t, maybe re-pairing does the trick:

Oh, from what I experienced “Network request failed” means “Homey was very busy for a while, try again”

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Thanks for the reply! On question to better understand how Zigbee works: Is it so that when I add a router capable device, the other devices will over time adjust and find the optimal route including the newly added router? I do not need to trigger this in any way?

YW! True, the zigbee mesh is dynamic and not managable.
Aqara sensors seem to stick to their original router device (Homey controller itself or a router device), so when it tends to “fall off” the mesh, consider re-pairing them at their final location.
Athom’s zigbee wiki
Keep in mind, your (or neighbour’s) wifi can interfere with your zigbee network(s).
Wifi - zigbee check

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