Accidentally reset the ZigBee network


I was having issues with my devices after a power outage. Being in a rush, I clicked right past the warnings and reset the ZigBee network…

Is there a way to reconnect to my ZigBee devices without havng to delete them? I just want to avoid having to set up all my flows once again. A lot of hours have gone into those.

I seemingly don’t have a backup since 2019 :frowning:

Tried searching the forums but couldn’t find a concrete response to this, so help would be very much appreciated!

A zigbee Reset deletes all zigbee devices afaik.
Not sure if a backup could fix it, but you don’t have one anyways.
All you can do is pair all zigbee devices again and fix your flows.
When you know the exact original names of your
devices, you can fix your flows with the script below;
Make sure to name the re-paired devices slightly different, like, [originalName_nw]

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Thanks for the response Peter! Funny enough, the devices are actually still visible in the app but with warning labels. They are of course not possible to turn on/off. Homey sends an error message with something like “Zigbee network reset”.

But thanks you very much. I’ll try out this method (once I quickly have learned javascript😅)

What if you pair devices again without actually removing them?

If there are warning signs you need to re-pair them one by one.

Look at it from the positive side, now you can start with your routers and than end devices so you have a more stable zigbee network.

Just tried with the Hue (without bridge) and with the Namron dimmer switches, no luck unfortunately.

I guess so! :smile: Hopefully this script will work fine for me, so I don’t have to redo all my flows.

And have you restarted app afterwards of re-pair without device removal, rigth?

I did not unfortunately. Now work has begun on replacing old IDs with new IDs, and hence deleting old devices :sweat_smile:

An older thread, but a new experience. I asked AtHom about the option to change the Zigbee channel on HP23, but they told me that option will not be added. Very disappointing. I had done his in the past to get a clear chnnel on Doconz and most devices switched without too much issues. A Homey backup/restore contains the zigbee channel so hat did not work. :frowning:

The only “solution” for HP23 is to reset the zigbee network (repeat until the desired channel get selected). Luckily it turns out that you can then repair all broken devices and at least still have functioning flows and insights after you are done.

It took me about an hour to reset 60 devices all over the house (mainly Aqara sensors/Tuya plugs/Generic Zigbee bulbs), but I am now up and running again on a new channel with hopefully less issues due to interference during the busy evenings. :slight_smile: