Zigbee reset

I am currently having problems with my zigbee network.
Now I was wondering if a zigbee reset removes the devices as well or if I can just fix them. I have a Homey 2023.

If I recall well, all your Zigbee devices will be deleted/gone. Not sure thought if they will be still fixable via maintenance action / hopefully someone with most recent experience will tell.

In any case, best would be to save all devices IDs and then use it if required - check out more here : [HOW-TO][Pro][Cloud] - Tool to FIX (advanced) flows after removing and re-adding devices

Btw, I wonder, why reset ?

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a reset implies a complete new set up of zigbee… please define the issues you have… so we can try to help.

Since update last 2 firmware specifiek lamps loses there connection

I’m having the similar problem, with IKEA Tradfri power socket and I don’t believe that ZigBee reset would resolve it…I would rather recommend to contact Athom and ask them to address this issue