Is there a "Hold" or continous input card in advanced flow?

I’m controlling my water heater throug a advanced flow

How it works is if the price changes (as it does every hour) it checks if it is one of the lowest 8 of the day.
If it is it turns on the heater.
If not it turns off the heater.

To make it a bit more complicated i also have a solar panel. So i want it to turn on if i produce more power than i use.
So the top part is for that.

The other thing is that in Norway we have a consumtion fee of sort so if you use more than a given amount over the cours of 1hour (for me it`s 5kw) you get a higher network fee.

So to mitigate this i have a part that turns off the water heater if power consumption is over 5kw.
But since this flow is only activated each hour if i get a small peek above 5kw it turns it off for the rest of the hour.

So that comes back to my main question, is there a way to have a “hold” card or something that requier a continous innput before it triggers the next card.

I want the power usage to be continous over a span of time before it triggers the water heater to turn off.
Anyone know of a solution to my problem?

It sounds like one of the timer apps would do the job. Start the timer when the power goes over 5kWh, reset it if it drops below 5kWh. If the timer finishes then trigger the next flow.


This triggercard is also an option:


yea, that could work

This seems like the card i need.
Will try this out

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