Flow to take action when power consumption has been above 500w for 5 minutes?

Anyone have any tip on how to construct a Flow (or Advanced Flow) in a HP2023 that accomplish the following:

Based on the Power Consumption in a Fibaro Wall Plugg:

  • If the power consumption is above 500W and stays above 500w for 5 minutes.
  • Then send a Push message to me.

Reason I want to create this:
I have a ventilation unit with a built in heater, normally during cold weather (winter time) the heater gets active for periods of 20-60 seconds to assist with the heating of the incoming air.

But sometimes the heater get stuck in “on” position and you need to do some manual steps on the unit to get it to release and turn of the heater.

Should be something like this:

If the power consumption is above 500W
Then start a timer for 5min

If the timer ends
And the power consumption is above 500W
Then send a push message

That’s missing the “stays above 500w” part.

Homey (still) doesn’t have an equivalent of Home Assistant’s for option for triggers, so you need an external app to implement this (Chronograph or CountDown).

You are absolutely right. This addition is necessary:

If the power consumption is below 500W
And the timer is running
Then stop the timer

Thanks for the quick replies!

Think I understand how this could be done now, will give it a test.

One card :blush:

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Hi, I just started using Homey and I have the same request as Borgen, could you write a flow example with more information for people that don’t know Homey and flow for long time?


First install the Device Capabilities app;
Then you can create a flow like this:

This is the trigger card in edit mode, for a better overview:



Just what I was looking for and needed, will test it out later today but looks to be rather straight forward!

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Thank you very much!

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@Peter_Kawa It worked just as expected and wanted! Thanks for the tip!

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