How to send push if power is higher than 500 for 15 minutes

New to creating Flows and can’t figure out how to do this.

I have a ventilation unit connected to a Fibaro WallPlugg, the ventilation unit has a builtin heater and I want to create a Flow that sends a push message to my Phone if the heater in the ventilation unit have been on for more than 15 minutes.

Normally it consumes around 146W but when the heater turns on it consumes more that 500W.

So now have a Flow now that sends a push message as soon as the power is changed and power is more than 500W.

But how do I add a check/delay that waits until the heater has been on for 15 minutes?

You need two flows, the first starts the wall-plug and starts the second flow with a delay of 15 minutes
the second flow has “This flow is started” in the first column and does check the power-use and sends a message if higher then 500W. Make the second flow first, otherwise you can not choose it in the first flow.

I would do it like this:

IF Power changes
AND Power > 500 AND Timer is not running
THEN start timer 15 minutes

IF Power changes
AND Power < 200 AND Timer is running
THEN stop timer

IF Timer reaches 0
AND Power > 500 (not really necessary because of 2nd flow)
THEN … do what you like to do when more than 15 minutes continuously > 500 Watt

If you do it this way whenever during the 15 minutes the load goes below 200 the timer will stop since there’s not 15 minutes continuously high load.

The WallPlugg is always on, so what should then start the first flow?

The Ventilation unit is always running and then consumes around 146W, but when outside air is cold it turns on its internal heater (normally is on for just a few minutes) and then the unit consumes over 500W.

Was thinking about using a counter/timer in some manner, but question is how.

That seems to be a doable solution!

Will test tonight and see if it work.


In the WHEN-column of the first flow, you can check the change of power, then in the AND-column, with a Logic compare you can check if the power is above 200 W, if so, start the second flow with a delay of 15 minutes.