Push message when a energia power sensor is minor then 1W

I measure Energy of my dryer and whant to notiy me a push message when Energy is less then 1W, becuase this mean that Dryer is stop to work.

I create a flow to check this using:
when---- dryer energy change
and energy is less then 1
then mobile send push message to user marco message dryer is finished.

this FLOW works fine but unfortunatly send me many messagge because energy continue to change but always with value less then 1.

Is it possible to verify that a value falls below a threshold value and is not less than a threshold value?
or stop at first message my flow?

I think there are a lot of posts to answer your question, so I suggest to use the search function in future.

To avoid the multiple sending of push messages, you should use a variable.
First you have to create the variable (yes/no), e.g. “dryer”.

Then you have to create the following flow in addition:
If the consumption > 50 W
And variable “Dryer” = No
Then set Variable “Dryer” to Yes

In your flow you must add the following lines:
And variable “Dryer” = Yes
Then set Variable “Dryer” to No

With these additions, you should only receive one notification, because the variable prevents the flow from being completely re-run every time the change is less than 1 W.

thanks @fantross i should improve my search techniche because i don’t find answer to my request.
I think to use a variable, but probably i don’t know homey flow system, i thinked that variable is valid in flow .
i will do immediatly your suggestion!!!

thanks again…

You’re welcome.

To prevent a flows from triggering over and over again unintentionally you can use variables. But you don’t have to forget to set the variable back to its original state.
You can also use timers or deactivate a flow as you suggested yourself.

As you can see, there are different possibilities that can be used from case to case.

Hi Marco, here are my two flows:

I use the variable “Lavatrice” and a RGW bulb to change color.

Begin of work of the washing machine

End of work of the washing machine