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Hello, I would like to create an advanced flow that sets my status to “awake” when the power of the mobile charger reaches 0. What I can’t figure out is how to make Homey wait until it reaches the desired power level and then perform the action. What should I do to make Homey function as “wait until…”?

Thank you

“WHEN mobile charger level changes AND mobile charger level equals 0 THEN set awake”

Of course! it makes sense. Thank you

Regarding the charger issue, I’ve got that sorted out, but now I’m dealing with the clothes dryer. How can I make it send me a notification (just once) only when the power drops below 8 watts? Currently, it keeps sending me notifications even when it goes below 8 watts…

Also, is there a way to make the notifications interactive? Like, can I perform an action directly from the notification itself?

You can add the action card “Disable flow [Flow_Name]”, to disable the flow after a notification was sent.
Also add the action card “Enable flow [Flow_Name]” with 2 hour delay (the time of a dry cycle)

An other way is to create a Y/N variable X
-dryer power changed
-dryer power is below 8
-logic Variable X is NO
-send notification
-set logic variable X to YES
-set logic variable X to NO with 2 hour delay

You can use Telegram Notifications app, to send a pre-defined question to a Telegram user (or group) when a dryer notification was received;
You can use pre-defined answers to choose from, or let the user enter a valid value or word(s), which can trigger (parts of) a flow:

The flow is importable

Thank you´!! :grinning:. Im going to try it later!

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