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This flow keeps sending messages “FullyCharged Yes” every second for several minutes. Even when the power is steady 0 again. When I set bBoilerFullyCharged manually to No it keeps flipping back to Yes. Even when I delete the Telegram message card and save the flow it stil keeps sending messages.

What’s happening here?

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Add some time line messages, then you will see what is happening.

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The problem is the 5 minute delay card and the check of the variable. The first flow is always triggered when the power changed and the power is between 1 - 5 W and the variable is ‘no’. So before the 5 minute delay is expired (from the first trigger) the flow is triggered e.g. 50 times.
So each triggered flow will continue to run till the end when its own 5 minutes have expired. The reason is, that the variable wasn’t set to ‘Yes’ from the first flow.

There are different ways to make the flow workable as it should:
– insert another logic card after the 5 minute delay card and use it to query again whether the variable is set to ‘no’
– instead of the build-in delay cards use a timer app from the App Store, e.g. the Chronograph App, but then you have to create the flow differently (if you wish, I could create a sample flow)

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That explaines it. Please tell me more about the different flow with the Chronograph app.

I need a steady signal that the power is between 1 and 5. The signal in my flow keeps triggering the delay card as the power changes continously. As I understand the delay card has to be triggered just shortly, 1 cycle, and then it’s running the delay time and after that it’s triggering the next card. Just writing down my thoughts…

This is the flow with the Chronograph App, looks a bit different… :wink:

Just an info. This…

…is the same like this:

The difference is that in my flow the conditions are checked in parallel, in your flow one after the other.

In general it makes more sense to use trigger flow cards like Capability becomes more than X, or Capability becomes less than X. These flow cards will be triggered only once. These flow cards are only triggered again when the value falls below or exceeds the threshold again and then rises or falls again. I hope it’s understandable.

If these flow cards will work in your case I don’t know, because you’re checking a range (1 - 5 W). Maybe you can check this yourself.

@DirkG maybe I mis it at your flow but when the power changed between 1W and 5W then the Chronograph will start a timer for 5 minutes.
But when it changes again between 1W and 5W the timer restarts again at 5 minutes.
In the flow of the topicstarter the timer with 5 minutes has to start only one time.
Or am I totally wrong?

This prevents the timer from being restarted if the power is changed again.

@DirkG I missed that completely. :pensive:

@DirkG your flow does what I’m aiming for. Thanks

So the Homey timer (delay) starts a new instance every time it’s triggered, if it’s triggered 50 times there are running 50 seperate timers and they all will trigger the next card. When the Chronograph timer is triggered it resets and starts again. Why doesn’t Timer 1 reacts on the changing power, the ALL card becomes “low” and “high” every time the power changes, right?

The Chronograph timer is not resetting after it is started the first time.
When power changed and it is between 1 and 5, testvariable is No and the Chronograph timer is not running the timer will be started.
If the power changes within the 5 minutes again and the power is between 1 and 5, the testvariable is No and the timer is running then the ALL card will not be activated. So the timer is not reset.

Just like you say, if you use the Homey timer then with every change between 1 and 5 the timer will get started. If this happens 100 times, there are 100 timers running.

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Ah I see now, thank you so much.

Guess that answers the topic.

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