Stop a flow from happening with a timer

Hey. I’m pretty new to homey, and i’m struggling with a flow i created to notify me when the tumble dryer is done. The dryer is connected to a Shelly plug that monitors the effect(W) the dryer is using, but when the dryer’s done with it’s program the effect is not stable. This results in the dryer notifying me over and over again. is there any way of put a timer between the first two logics that will keep the flow from turning on if the effect does not stay high over a 2 minute period of time?

I guess that you have a flow setting “Torketrommel” to yes, probably at too low current value.
Please show that flow too.

The flow above should prevent repeting notifications, if only the other flows are correct.

Ok, that makes sense. That flow is only on 300, i can probably turn it up to 1000 or whatever the actual usage is since the power consumption is high during the drying.
Thank you, I will try it out. :slight_smile:

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A dryer will make short pauses during drying when it reverses the rotation. And when ready it will rotate more seldom. the reverse timeout will most likely give you a notification as the power goes down shortly.
If increasing the power usage does not help you, you need to add a check that the power should be lower than 300 (maybe lower, say 50 w) for at least 1 min (you need to find out for how long it does not rotate when finished).
Use timer or, easier, the app Device capabilities and the card “When device capability is condition for time…”. Use it as “When Torketrommel power usage is less than 300 for 60 seconds”.


Thanks. This solved the problem, as you said the dryer noticed me during these short stops. Here is the new flow.