Flow in flow

I would like to create siply flow in flow, but looks I am stukt. Flow starting and did not stop.

  1. I use card EVERY DAY toggle device ON or OFF for cycle 15 min (to prevent overheating of towel dryer)
    I want to run this flow every day only at night time
  2. I want run this flow ( I use cart When sun sets/Enable flow) its starting
  3. I want stop this flow ( I use cart When sun rise/Disable flow) its did not stoping

Share your flows please

via which platform share please?

Android: Open your flow on homey-android-app. Up on the corner right you see the android-share-button. share it e.g. to mail > so you get a link. this link put in here. Think (but don’t know it) on iOS it is similiar.

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Make one extra flow which stops (not toggle) your towel dryer 5 minutes after sunrise.

with the flow that you created you run the chance that the towel dryer will switch on in the last 15 minutes before sunrise and will therefore not be switched off.

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gut idea I will try. thanks
Interesting bur there is no card STOP flow only DISABLE flow, but exist card START flow.

Are anybody know what is an difference between START and ENABLE cards?

Not stop the flow but stop the towel dryer (the dvielis z-wave device)

you can start almost any flow , also the ones which do not have the trigger " this flow is started"

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