Notification if pump is running for more than 10 minutes

Is it possible to get a notification when a ground waterpump is running for more than 30 minutes (so you know there is something wrong). Can’t seem to get it fixed. Is a fibaro wall plug with latest homey. (if powerchange - start timer ->1800 sec --> send message

You need 3 flows, the XX (Watt) is a value that is somewhere between the idle and running values:
IF energy changes
AND energy is higher then XX (Watt),
AND timer isn’t running,
THEN start timer 1800
IF energy changes
AND energy is lower then XX (Watt)
AND timer is running (this is optional)
THEN stop timer
IF timer is empty
THEN send notification

And switch of the pump (if that is a possible option).

I wouldn’t do that, at least with the wall plug, a ground pump might fuse/burn up your contacts in the fibaro wallplug if it is strong enough, they are only small relays.

Depends very much of the power the pump needs and what its startup peak is.
But in case it is too much, then a plug is always a bad idea, even if you don’t switch the pump with it (it will burn).

In that case you could use a kWh meter with P1 (or modbus) to measure usage and/or relais or frequence regulator to control the pump operation.

Or using a relais which is switched on when pomp starts running, like a fibaro binary sensor, no power measurement, but you know that the pump is on.

good thinking. Basically it is always on. Is around 1500 watts. In emergency i want to be able to switch it off. I think starting peak is higher indeed.

let me think. if the pump starts, energy will go above say 500 watts. In flow 2 the energy doesn’t change if it keeps on running. I just want to know if it is running for more than eg 20 minutes. Does your suggestion work like this? So I don’t want a message when it runs 10 minutes (thats ok), only if it exceeds 20 minutes

typically it is somewhere between 6 to 8 times the normal current, so that is 1500*6 = 9000 Watt in the best case scenario.
As it is a water pump it will probably last only a few milli seconds, so it won’t burn in the contacts immediately, but over time it will do that with the small relays in the wall plug, just to keep that in mind.
It should say on the pumps’ type plate what the starting current (multiplier) is.

But it is also not just the start up current, a water pump wants to continue when you stop it, it has lots of inertia, this will also cause a spark, so if the pump is running, and you switch it with the wall plug, it will do the same as the start current, not immediately, but over time.

The 2nd flow is just to Stop the timer when the pump stops before the timer reached your 10 minutes threshold, otherwise you would still get a notification, even though the pump stopped.
So if you only want a message when it runs more the 20 minutes, then use 20 minutes (1200 seconds).

Hey Guys,

It works like a charm now. I don’t use it for starting the pump. It’s only to switch it of. After starting up the pump uses about 600 watts continuous so that should be ok.

Many thanks for the help!