Flow to turn off mechanical ventilation after power is more than X for X amounth of time

Hello, I have a question about a flow that I can’t figure out.

I have the Homey Pro 2023. I have a mechanical ventilation system at home. It has 3 speeds and an automatic mode. The highest speed is used for showering/cooking, but otherwise, automatic mode is fine. Unfortunately, I sometimes forget to switch it back, causing the ventilation to run at high speed for a long time. I discovered that if the power is turned off and then back on, the automatic mode is selected again.

I want to take advantage of this with a smart plug. I have an Aqara smart plug.

The flow I want is: If power consumption is above X watts for 1 hour, then turn off and back on.

This seems simple, but the check, if the device still uses more than X watts, is not a standard action. Does anyone know how I can incorporate this? Ultimately, I want to create a version that sends a notification every 45 minutes to turn it off myself. If this doesn’t happen, it will turn off automatically.

Thanks for thinking along!

Hmm, another use of timer. NB! There is many timer apps, if You already have some, use it instead. Also… this is a sketch for beginning Your own logic, so use it as a sample, not as a final truth :wink: At least You must set the power limits by Your own, and hmm, hour to 45 mins as max time :innocent:

Also… noticed, that probably there is no “Power becomes greater/less than” cards in Aquara app - if so, then use the bottom as a sample to implement this with help of Logic.
NB! I recomend to use “undefined” power consumptsion area and trigger from different power usages ( yes, it may work, if look only more or less than “15W” - but it may also - usually - fluctuate )

Also the “10 sec” - not sure, how long and is this working… but it forwards the idea. May-be better to implement with another timer or some nasty construction like “If switched off, then switch on”, but the latest may cause endless loop, if some logic wants to be sure, fan is switched off.

So, logic quickly:

  • If power ( fan mode) becomes highest and already not started - start count down timer
  • if power falls down ( manual switching) and timer started, stop timer
  • If timer reaches zero - reset the power

Thanks! I’ll try this :slight_smile: