Flow does not stop heater

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong may be somebody can help me. I have the following flow (See Screen Shot). What I like is that after 16:00 it puts the heating mode back to off and the next day when the conditions are reached again it should turn the heat on. If not keep it off. It turns the heat on but it keep on going. What are Im doing wrong.

What do you mean by “it keeps on going”.
When the sun comes back from behind a cloud, the flow will run again. Is that the problem?

Your trigger only activates when it goes from below 800 watts to above 800, never in any other way.
You probably need to change your trigger to something like “power changed” and look at the 800W in an AND logic card.

If I understand your description I believe a second flow is needed.
Make a flow that runs when time becomes 16:00 that turns the heating off.
And I think the “sonst” card is not necessary.

Good input Unfortunatly the app has limited functions

Will try with a second flow which will do the opposite.

Use “power has changed” , “das Verbrauch hat sich geändert”as trigger. In the AND statement pitch a Logic cart to add something like “power is between 100 and 1000”

Maybe you can change the title to “Flow does not stop heater” ? :wink:

mit dem zweiten flow funktioniert alles wunderbar. Vielen Dank für die Inputs