[APP][Pro] Device Capabilities - Enhance the capabilities of devices

@Peter_Kawa and others,

I just added another flowcard:
When [[device]].[[capability]] is [[condition]] [[value]] for [[time]] [[unit]], execute [[trigger]].

This card will execute when a certain capability from a device has been a certain value for a specific period.

For instance:

  • When a (Chronograph) timer has been started for 10 seconds, this flowcard will be executed once.
    Once meaning: every time the condition is wrong and then correct, it will be triggered once.

  • When the next Timer duration is less than 600, every 10 seconds (from the moment the value first met the condition) the flowcard will be triggered.

Ofc you can use this for other things thatn timers :wink:
It was just handy to test with.

This flowcard handles app restarts.
Only thing it cannot know is if, during the app restart, a condition of device.capability is turned wrong and than correct again during the time the DC App is down.

It’s in test now: