Integration between waterproof finger/rfid device + ESP connecting to Homey with Nuki Door Entry

I used to have a Nuki keypad but unfortunately is not water-resistant so I decided to buy a FingerprintRFID device from AliExpress and using ESP I integrated it into Homey.

Link to FP/RFID device:
€ 31,83 | Tuya APP keyless door lock Waterproof Fingerprint Access Control Cheapest Standalone Keypad Finger +RFID Card Door Entry


Ping me for details.


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Very good solution. With an ESP, almost any device can be paired with Homey.

The device I brought from AliExpress works flawlessly, it’s metal and very good built quality compared to the Keypad from Nuki which is dead because it’s not waterproof.

That is a nice lock. But I don’t know who is switching the relais. If it is the fingerprintsenser then maybe it can be picked/hacked.

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The relay should be move to the device inside the house, where an relay could be used.

A few questions about the fingerprint:

  • Which Homey app should I use? ESP Easy, ESPurna or ESP Home?
  • And what is the name of the device in the Homey app that you have to install to use the FingerprintRFID device?
  • Which model do you mean on Aliexpress? The T12 TUYA-II EM?
  • Would this version also work with ESP on Homey?
  • Isn’t a model working with WiFi better than with BlueTooth in relation to the distance to HomeyPro?
    Many thanks for taking the trouble to answer. Regards Johan

I hope you’re not considering that device for securing any outside door of your home, at least not without other security measures. Read the previous posts of this thread about why that’s a bad idea.

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