Integration between waterproof finger/rfid device + ESP connecting to Homey with Nuki Door Entry

I used to have a Nuki keypad but unfortunately is not water-resistant so I decided to buy a FingerprintRFID device from AliExpress and using ESP I integrated it into Homey.

Link to FP/RFID device:
€ 31,83 | Tuya APP keyless door lock Waterproof Fingerprint Access Control Cheapest Standalone Keypad Finger +RFID Card Door Entry


Ping me for details.


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Very good solution. With an ESP, almost any device can be paired with Homey.

The device I brought from AliExpress works flawlessly, it’s metal and very good built quality compared to the Keypad from Nuki which is dead because it’s not waterproof.

That is a nice lock. But I don’t know who is switching the relais. If it is the fingerprintsenser then maybe it can be picked/hacked.

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The relay should be move to the device inside the house, where an relay could be used.