Keypad for outdoor use

Hi all, I am looking for a keypad for the gate outside to trigger flows in homey (e.g. open the gate).

Do you know a keypad (preferably with NFC reader) that works with Homey?

Thank you!

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Will keep a close eye to this thread…

Really surprised that Homey doesn’t support any proper keyboard /rdid reader for outdoor use.
Have tried Zipato, but it rusted and malfunctioned quickly.
Only requests:

  1. Compatible with Homey
  2. High IP rating
  3. Logging of activity from users

Wow, shocked that nothing has been developed for this yet. So many developers around and yet no one has put this in production…

Maybe you don’t realize 1 or 2 things here.
Idea: Promise those ‘many developers’ 5 or 6 grand, maybe they get excited to go to work for you (40 hours times E125 = E5000, and 40 hours is not very long, while you also like free updates, and free support 24/7; oh and maybe the hourly rate is way too low).

What I mean with this:
They’re all volunteers, coding in their spare hours, for zero money (a few ‘coffee’ donations).
You now sound like a customer who is ‘shocked’ no one is going to do any work for you for free… just sayin.

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You clearly misunderstood everything here.
By developers I mean Aqara, Fibaro, Shelly, Sonoff, Tuya and the list goes on.
They would all clearly have a good business case being the first to make a proper one.

You clearly described your “issue” completely wrong here.

Not at all.

tuya wifi rfid reader ? + tuya app on homey i use this since …months

I have used the POPP keypad previously.
It works ok, sometimes you have to enter your PIN a few times for it to open the door.
However, it doesn’t have RFID and it did corrode after some time, but we live on an island and the air is quite salty and most things corrode over time, eg door handles etc.
I considered putting in a protective enclosure with a flip up door to protect it.

Thank you for feedback.
Do you mean this one:
Smart UHF RFID Reader Hardware Solution-Tuya Smart

I find your reply here really unkind and don’t see the point of it.
With your logic there should be no products at all working with homey.
Luckily there are people who have indeed developed solutions for many products and hence we do have many good solutions.

There is no need to talk the way you talk here.
But there are many reasons to not talk the way you talk.