Integrating Alarm System Sensors with Homey: Seeking Community Ideas

Hello everyone!
I’ve been using a Homey Pro recently, and I’d like to share my issue and idea regarding integration with you.
Currently, I’m trying to incorporate the sensors of my existing alarm system into my Homey setup, but I couldn’t find a suitable app for this task on the App Store.

At first, I tried querying the sensor status using Homey scripts, and it worked, but unfortunately, it put too much strain on the Homey system, especially when dealing with multiple sensors.

Afterward, the idea occurred to me that it might be better if the alarm system could communicate with Homey as if Homey were a monitoring station for alarms. When the sensor status changes, the alarm system would send information to Homey. In this context, I mention the SIA protocol, which others use for integrating alarm systems. My idea is that the communication between the alarm system and Homey would be based on this protocol.

I have a lot of experience in installing alarm systems, but I’m not proficient in programming other systems. So, I would like to ask for your help and ideas on how to achieve this integration with Homey. Additionally, I found a similar feature in the Home Assistant (HA) system, which could be very useful.SIA Alarm Systems - Home Assistant Tamas

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Did you find and try this Homey App: Heimdall App voor Homey | Homey ?

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If I understand correctly, it seems that using for examplee Zigbee devices like motion and contact sensors, you can create an alarm system with Homey.
I already have my own (traditional) :slight_smile: alarm system with existing sensors. I want to make my Homey smarter by utilizing the communication of these sensors, specifically the SIA communication of my alarm system. I’m not sure if what I want to say is clear.

I think you understand. You just want to keep your alarm system as it is, but control and monitor it from homey. Like arming and disarming the alarm system, and getting feed back from the alarm system like “cannot arm the alarm system as window X is stil open.
That means the alarm sensors communicate with the alarm control unit.
And the alarm control unit communicates with Homey via SIA.
SIA Alarm Systems - Home Assistant says:
This protocol is listen-only, so does not allow you to turn on/off your alarm system, it just updates the state to reflect your alarm and allows you to act on that state, for instance turning on all lights and opening the curtains when the alarm triggers.
The SIA protocol defines messages and encryption, so you can use TCP/IP or UDP/IP network.
It will involve quite some programming. So what is your plan?

PS: where do want the alarm sensors to connect to: to your alarm system or to Homey or both?

Yes! I just don’t want to disable the arming and disarming from Homey! I just want to bring the real status of my alarm system sensors (open/closed door, motion sensor status) into Homey via SIA from my alarm panel.
This way, I could use zone activity for each room with my existing sensors.

My traditional sensors would still be connected to the alarm panel. The alarm panel would communicate the status of the sensors connected to it to Homey via SIA. My alarm control panel can do that sure.
On Homey, I would add my sensors, for example, as virtual switch or in any other way, and I think I’m done. :slight_smile:
it seems quite simple :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
It seems that this functionality has already been implemented in Home Assistant, if I understand the previous link correctly.
"It’s such a simple and straightforward function, and I’m really surprised that Homey doesn’t have this capability. I’ve already found several previous posts here from people who tried this or something similar with Galaxy alarms, but their attempts seem to have failed as well.

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It looks you want to use your alarmsysteem as a (one way) bridge to your sensors.
Polling is a lot of overhead for receiving a status update once in a while, so somehow your alarm system should give status updates of its sensors to Homey. Only when the status changes. Homey has to listen for this updates. The first question comes up: is your alarm system and the SIA protocol suited for that task?
And Homey knows a sensor only after the first update. Is’t that a show stopper. As Homey shall be able to get an initial overview of the sensors.

I tried something like this with Verisure. The problem was not even bootstrapping -I added all sensors manually- but the problem was status updates. Polling will cost time; APIs are not always reflecting “current” status, and polling frequency could not be high enough to have useful sensor information.
In the end I removed all sensors because status information was not current/useful for any Homey use case. I only used alarm status (off/partial/full) together with Heimdall and all Homey sensors, but since Verisure dramatically reduced the amount of polling it became useless to even use that. Now I have my Verisure alarm independent from my Heimdall on Homey.

Alright, guys!
I’m starting to give up on this issue. I’m quite disappointed…
I’ll approach the goal differently then. I’m expanding my alarm system, so I’ll have as many outputs (NO) on my alarm as the sensors connected to it. I’d bring these contacts into Homey. How should I do this? What product do you recommend that has at least 5-8 inputs and works reliably with Homey

Fibaro Smart Implant has two inputs. And it is supported by Homey.
However you have to be more specific about the interface your alarm system is offering. Potential free relais, 24 volt on/off, etc …???
For more inputs, you might have to go for do it yourself solutions like Raspberry or ESP8266. However research is required to get an idea how to connect this to Homey.

I have ‘dry’ contact outputs from the alarm panel. When my motion sensor detects motion, the relay panel connected to the alarm, say Output 1, switches to NC. Once the motion sensor doesn’t detect anything, it goes back to NO. This is a potential-free output. Instead of the Smart Implant, can’t you recommend something with more inputs?

I already gave you an answer above.

I use Heimdal Security and , is very happy… set up to automatic on/off - as the phones of the House leaves or enter the House.
I use this guide, I know it is in Danish but perhaps Google translate…

Guide: Lav dit eget alarmsystem med Homey – del 1 –

Hopefully this will help you :O)

You can setup webhooks in Homey, probably the easiest way to do what you would like to accomplish but not the best perhaps.
By using the webhook manager app you can setup flows that listens to these requests so when your alarm is armed or a sensor is changing state you query the webhook and set a virtual device/sensor accordingly.