Commercial Home Alarm System that I can use sensors from?

I’m having issues with my Heimdall setup and since I’m having an extension soon it got me thinking maybe I should look at a professional Home Alarm System

One of the main reasons I don’t want one is that I don’t understand the point in having sensors that can only be used for one purpose

So I’m wondering, is there any system where I can utilise the readings from the sensors in flows from Homey?

Thanks in advance

If you have/buy a DSC alarm system you can use this library together with he Homeyduino to collect and use sensor data from. There is a good example code to Homey integration written.

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I am very interested in this too. I have my eyes on the Ajax Systems alarm. It offers an UART bridge to connect to other systems, but I do not yet understand how that would work.

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Ajax looks nice on first glance, bitt as you say, I don’t see how it would integrate
Be nice to know more!

I also see a few that have passed through Kickstarter. No idea if any good but for some reason feel.they have more chance of integrations… Olarm / Abode / Point
Also seen Veho Cave

And possibly most interestingly; which allow any wired alarm system to connect to smartthings etc so maybe homey? (Although only seems to allow full state reading, not individual sensor)

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Jablotron-100 series is a professional alarm systems brand, which allows connection to Homey via a true/false 8-output bus module (Jablotron JA118N) and a Fibaro Z-wave Universal Binary Sensor.

Via the Jablotron F-link software, you can determine which parameter is being output (this can be the state of a magnet contact, a PIR, but also the “alarm set/unset” state or the “alarm triggered” state). You can attach a Fibaro FGBS-001 universal sensor to the bus outputs, which will translate the true/false setting of a parameter to a z-wave detectable parameter. An FGBS-001 can be used for 2 outputs.
The way to connect these modules is described here

This way, various flows can be triggered using your alarm system’s sensors:

  • door open (magnet contact), lights on
  • alarm set (so I’m absent), all wall plugs switch off and lights switch off
  • alarm triggered: all lights in the house start blinking alternating red-white
  • Heimdall can be used to write specific events to the Homey timeline

With this setup there is one-way information traffic from your alarm system to Homey, it is not possible to control your alarm system with Homey (which is the most secure option). Jablotron features tampering security, battery backup and a GSM and/or LAN communications module.


Interesting, thanks for the detail. Can it retrieve information from pir even when not armed?

Yes, you can. In the F-link software (which sets up and controls the Jablotron alarm system) I can see when my PIRs have detected motion. So programming PIR motion to an output is definitely possible.
Personally, I do not have any flows using the PIRs of my alarm system; I’m mainly using my door and window magnet sensors in flows, and they work without the alarm being armed.

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In regard to this conversation, I have also a Fibaro FGBS-001 universal sensor and I have also a wired motion-detection sensor positioned outside my house, called AVS ONE (schema is at page 20 of this PDF):

do yo think i could connect such sensor to this Fibaro FGBS-001.

This way I could use the wired-sensor with Homey…
Or do I still need a Alarm central unit? At the moment I am using the Ziapto Security Module to collect via wire the input of the motion detection sensors.


PS: I am a possible new buyer of Homey, I am kind of fed up with previous domotic box i used in the last 5 years.

I know this is an old thread but I’m looking to integrate alarms into homey as well.

Konnected has been talked about before - but I have not seen anyone talk about the “newer” Konnected system - where Konnected attach to your current system so you get the sensors response but do not remove your old alarm panel. It’s called “Konnected Alarm Panel Interface” -

Then you get to keep your wired alarm but gets access to most sensors in Homey.


The Konnected Module seems to be sold-out but soon they will start shipping v2.0.
But I don’t understand wich module I should buy if I want to integrate my sensors from DSC 1864 to Homey.
And will the app get updated to work with v2.0 of Konnected?

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Hi,. I have a satel Integra alarm.system with wired motion sensons from any brand or doorsensor, wirelesssensors are also possible with a extension board in the system.
For communication the satel is equipt with a ethernet board.

There is a homey app for the satel, but this can only do arm and disarm.
To read also the motion and doorsensor i using a RPI with domoticz
The satel integration in domoticz is doing arm , disarm and read out of sensors.

To integrate this in homey i wrote a couple of LUA script that sends webhooks tot homey.
In homey soms virtual sensors and soms flows.
And also using the homey domoticz app for the arm/disarm feauture/trigger.

Works like a charm, but a more elegant solution is to expand the excisting app.

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In the Netherlands an alarmsystem called SmartAlarm is available to buy. They have an app since a few weeks for Homey and I am using it since day one.

All the sensors can be used to trigger flows. For example when my front door opens it switches one light on in the hall way. When I disarm the alarm, Homey is set to me being home and triggers more flows.

SmartAlarm is easy to setup and fully diy.

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AJAX Systems wil be releasing an API for integration with systems like Homey this year. I have the system (for review) right now and it is the best system in it’s class I’ve seen so far.

That would be great news, did they communicate that somewhere?

I have been using Ajax Systems alarm with almost all available devices for over 7 months now. So far very happy with it.

No, it’s just personal communication with them because of a project we’re working on with them and Homey.

Hi, do you have any updates on this? On the implementation of Ajax with home automation systems like Homey or Fibaro…

Created an app for the Satel system, see [APP] Satel Integra alarmsystem integration V2.3.1 LIVE