Best Alarm/Surveillance/Security system for HOMEY

Hi my Homeys !

Launching this 2021 topic, hoping we can share about the best Alarm/Surveillance/Security system that can integrate to HOMEY fully or partly.

What i mean by Alarm system ?

  • Works on battery (so that if electricity is off it still works)
  • Has a 4g data possibility + wifi (so that if wifi internet is off it still sends alerts)
  • Integrates with Homey (at least the states)
  • If possible has an antijamming option

What i have found that seems serious so far ?

  • Ajax system
    No app for Homey. Seems possible to use a Fibaro Smart Implant to get devices states, not sure ?
  • Ax Pro Hikvision
    Might work with Homey’s Hikvision App ?

And what do you think/have ? :slight_smile:

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Hikvision app seems dead (as far as i know).
I think indeed a fibaro smart implant is the way to go. It has two inputs which can be connected to state output contact(s) of the alarm system.