Best Alarm/Surveillance/Security system for HOMEY

Hi my Homeys !

Launching this 2021 topic, hoping we can share about the best Alarm/Surveillance/Security system that can integrate to HOMEY fully or partly.

What i mean by Alarm system ?

  • Works on battery (so that if electricity is off it still works)
  • Has a 4g data possibility + wifi (so that if wifi internet is off it still sends alerts)
  • Integrates with Homey (at least the states)
  • If possible has an antijamming option

What i have found that seems serious so far ?

  • Ajax system
    No app for Homey. Seems possible to use a Fibaro Smart Implant to get devices states, not sure ?
  • Ax Pro Hikvision
    Might work with Homey’s Hikvision App ?

And what do you think/have ? :slight_smile:

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Hikvision app seems dead (as far as i know).
I think indeed a fibaro smart implant is the way to go. It has two inputs which can be connected to state output contact(s) of the alarm system.


Rather than starting a new topic, perhaps building on this one, as well as some good insights under the 2019 topic " Integrate Homey with an existing professional home alarm system". I’ll start with this question:

*** Would Peter_Kawa or any other users have any further insights and experiences to share on specifically how to use the Fibaro Smart Implants to pick up state outputs (eg. ‘FIRE’ or ‘BURGLAR’ alarms), as set off from a professionally installed, home insurance approved alarm system?**

My 10 years old alarm system remains robust and reliable. It has an UPS and high quality, hard wired sensors throughout. So it should still provide years of economic life.

Now I’d like to replace the alarm message service subscription (via GSM/GPRS) with direct notifications from the Homey Pro smart hub (eg. push messages through the app) for . The Homey push messaging appears to be reliable for other Homey parameter, from what I’ve seen so far…

I too noticed that the “fibaro smart implant …has two inputs… for alarm systems” But so far I’ve struggled to make sense of the comphrehensive, but rather confusing, descriptions from my alarm system’s Installation Manual and Programming Manual.

So any practical experience sharing would be most appreciated, with how the otherwise most useful and versatile fibaro smart implant truly is ‘the way to go’…?

In terms of my overall objective; While keeping an existing, good, approved alarm installation (which continues to earn good discounts on insurance), I’d like to replace the alarm monitoring & response service subscription (where neither my insurers nor me see much value added :wink:

I am going through a similar research these days, so here’s what I found:

For notifications you might find this useful:

As far as alarm systems with good integrations go, I think this one is the most advanced:

Satel looks very nice, but unfortunately not very popular in my country, especially with the monitoring and intervention agents. So Ajax with an implant (probably shelly implant, not fibaro) seems to be a good option.