Alphatronics Unii alarm system and Homey integration?


I have an alphatronics Unii alarm system and I like to connect it to homey so homey can instruct the system to turn on or off and let homey read the satusses of the door and movement sensors. I do know there is an API available on the Unii system but I didn’t see any integrations / Apps for it.

Anyone knows whether there is a solution for the integration of Homey and the Unii alarm system?

If there is no app for this system, then there is usually no way to integrate them with Homey yet. But:

  1. You can develop an app yourself (Apps SDK documentation)
  2. You can make here a request if someone is willing to develop an app

Thanks for your tips. At least for now I solved the integration with a Fibaro Smart Implant which has 2 inputs and 2 outputs. I connected 2 of the outputs of my Alarm Unii alarm system to the 2 inputs of the Smart Implant and configured the alarm system to sent on 1 input a signal when the alarm goes off and on the other when the alarm is armed. The 2 outputs of the Smart Implant I use to activate the 2 zones (fully away and home alarm modes). Did quite some research on how I should connect all this stuff. One of the things I needed to do was to sent a raw command to the Z-wave Smart Implant to disconnect the inputs from the outputs (by default they are connect so when a input activates an output is activated which ofcourse I didn’t want for this purpose).

Next step is to integrate all this in my smart home settings and flows. Going to look into Heimdall what I can do with the alarm system and combining it with for example the google nest protect and fibaro motion sensors to make the whole alaerting even more redundant :slight_smile: