Universal I/O module

Hi everyone,
recently bought my Homey and some inns smartplugs as a start-up kit … an it all looks super !
Now I would like to take the next step, and that is integrating some old digital I/O stuff
which is inside my electrical house panel.
(some inputs from my alarm system, a few relays, …)
Does anyone know of an universal I/O module (if possible DIN-rail mountable) which has for example 8 Inputs and 8 output ?
I’d like to connect via wired LAN, but if not possible, Z-wave or Zigbee will do …

Many thank … Raf

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I’m looking for something like that too! i want to open my roller shutters when i come home and disarm the alarm system during daylight time. I can find, and ordered a logic relay modules (p.a. Sonoff 4CH) but i need a input interface the other way around…

Could this be what you are looking for?

I’m not sure if they have output, but they do seem to have input.

I’m also looking for that, but smart implant is too small. I’m thinking 10-15 inputs and 5-10 outputs.

Have a look at HomeyDuino, together with an ESP8266 or ESP32 you can do input/output. Probably a Raspberry-Pi is also possible.

Have a look at Moxa iologik modules.ioLogik E1200 Series - Universal Controllers & I/Os | MOXA

Can be written or read out bij RestApi with the HTTP request flowkaarten App voor Homey | Homey APP.

The range of denkovi IO controller would suit you. smartDEN Maxi IoT - I/O Relay Module MQTT, HTTP with DIN RAIL BOX - Denkovi A E LTD
There are numerous types depending on what you want, and they have an API available to use.