I/O Module with a multiple Digital Inputs (LAN)

I am looking for I/O Module with a multiple Digital Inputs (8, 16, 24 etc.) with wired LAN connection working with Homey Pro.
I dont want module with zigbee, zwave nor wifi, only wired LAN connection for speed and reliability without lags.
I’m surprised that nothing like this for Homey with an application is on the market, or I don’t know about it.

What do you mean by digital inputs? What specification and protocols are required? Which sensors/actuaters do you want to connect to those inputs/ouputs?

Edit: a module with 24 digital inputs, needs 24 cables to install. Most users don’t like installing cables, so that is why wireless devices are interesting. So this raises the question what do you want to control?

Something like this with more inputs and LAN:


And supported by App for Homey, just like Shelly.
Module will be used with wired buttons/switches (dry contact prefferably) or wired PIR sensors.
Cable = 100% working, wireless = everytime struggling with problems (lags, no connection, battery etc.).

This 32-channel ESP32 board has 32 inputs and outputs, LAN and works via MQTT, and ‘thus’ with Homey:

Home Assistant example:

Esp32 boards also work with the Homey ESPhome app.

I didn’t came across boards with inputs only.

I presume you need to do some programming on the ESP 32?

Edit: what Shelly calls a digital input is quite confusing as one connects 4 mechanical on/off switches for 5 to 24 Volt. So with digital input no RS485 or similar is meant, but discrete inputs.

I think you end up on PLC techniques. For example 16 inputs module or 32 input module.

You never know with Uncle Ali, but to me it seems to be a ready-to-go unit, I just added some specs, web interface and Home Assistant pics.

if DIY then
firstlook( “Homeyduino” )
lookOthers( this.thread)