Heatit Z-Din 616 isnt able to be configured

I have just bought Z-Din 616 and it works fine, well they turn on and off as the should (the 6 relays), but in the settings, i cant change anything, i only get a message that says it failed to update the task.
I have a Homey (Early 2019) with version 7.1.1
Does anyone know whats wrong?
I want a report back from the relay when it changes state (on/off)

The setting in the Homey app is a bit confusing as all 6 inputs comes up as separate items. If you change the name of the outputs you need to note which one is the first output as “advanced settings” is only available on first output , even if it looks like it can be done on all of them. But at this first output you can also adjust the function for the other outputs.
I have not found how I can use the digital inputs in Homey as they are not coming up in the Homey app.

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Any updates about how to enable using the Inputs unindependable to the outputs in flows?