HeatIt DIN 616 - Z-Wave Module: No Inputs Accessible


Has somebody tried use one of 6 Inputs on HeatIt DIN 616 Module?
I can control all 6 output Relais… there are also setup options for the inputs but no inputs aviable…

I noticed an error in the device driver that I will need to check / correct… that is likely causing this issue

Hi Ted,
that sounds great- of you need hardware to test it, let me know…

Hi Ted,
I just got the Logic device ZIF5028, but got no sensors to function or show up at all.

Any chance you could help?


Hello Ted,
this days i tried HeatIt Din 616 Rail Module, again.

Currently, “only” the 6 outputs of the module can be controlled, but unfortunately the inputs cannot be read.
Do you intend to advance the programming of this module in the near future?
If so, is there any way to support you?

Thank you in advance.

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Any updates on this?
I realy want to be able to use the inputs in flows.