HeatIt DIN 616 - Z-Wave Module: No Inputs Accessible


Has somebody tried use one of 6 Inputs on HeatIt DIN 616 Module?
I can control all 6 output Relais… there are also setup options for the inputs but no inputs aviable…

I noticed an error in the device driver that I will need to check / correct… that is likely causing this issue

Hi Ted,
that sounds great- of you need hardware to test it, let me know…

Hi Ted,
I just got the Logic device ZIF5028, but got no sensors to function or show up at all.

Any chance you could help?


Hello Ted,
this days i tried HeatIt Din 616 Rail Module, again.

Currently, “only” the 6 outputs of the module can be controlled, but unfortunately the inputs cannot be read.
Do you intend to advance the programming of this module in the near future?
If so, is there any way to support you?

Thank you in advance.

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Any updates on this?
I realy want to be able to use the inputs in flows.

After several nights ripping my hear off trying to get Fibaro implant to work as I want, I paid an arm and a leg for this Heatit DIN 616 assured it would provide me with exactly what the ads tell me. 6 inputs and 6 outputs.

After adding it it just shows up as 6 outputs! Where is the inputs??

Are we still here in 2023, that all this smarthome stuff is ALFA/BETA and you are lucky if it works half way as intended?

Can this be fixed PLEASE???

Who should help you now? The community members?
Maybe you should inform yourself before you post an angry comment in an old thread.

At the bottom on the HeatIt app page in the app store you can find several ways to contact HeatIt:




I been in contact with HeatIT support and this was ther response:
"I have heard with a few colleagues and it does not seem like we have implemented the inputs in the flow cards.

The device can use associations on each input to control other Z-Wave devices, if this helps you in any way.

We do not have any plans to add these flow cards yet."